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Photo of Karen Redman  Photo of PSB Member Karl Keiffer

Karen Redman
Chair of the Board


Karl Kiefer 
Vice Chair of the Board


Sandy Shantz
Board Member


Tony Giovinazzo
Board Member


Photo of Board Member Rosita Tse  Karin Schnarr Jill Eggleton

Ian McLean
Board Member


Rosita Tse
Board Member


Karin Schnarr
Board Member


Jill Eggleton
Executive Assistant


Police Services Board CrestThe Police Services Board is a civilian oversight body that governs how police services are provided.  Under the provisions of the Ontario Police Services Act, the Board is comprised of three elected members from Regional Council, three provincially-appointed members and one community-at-large member, appointed by Regional Council.

The Police Board meets regularly with the Chief of Police and the Deputy Chiefs of Police to determine the current and future direction of policing in Waterloo Region in terms of law enforcement, crime prevention and the police budget.

Chief Bryan M. Larkin is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the police service and he, along with senior staff are committed to providing the best delivery of front-line policing to our community.

Our Board is proud to serve the citizens of Waterloo Region and committed to their 2018-2020 Strategic Priorities.

For additional information or for general inquiries relating to the Police Services Board, contact Jill Eggleton, Executive Assistant at jill.eggleton@wrps.on.ca or at 519-570-9777 ext 8853.

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